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Welcome to the website of Glossy Doggy Couture!

Here you will find the most relaxing sleepingcomfort for your pets! Take a good look around, because decisions are not made in a second with all this georgeous goods!


This lovely thick cushion with sleepingbag is the dream of every pet! Made with a retractable inner cushion and a cover with zipper! Available in 3 different sizes and 3 different models!

Snuggly Soft Brown Leopard. A Cushion and Sleepingbag in one!
Snuggly Chocolate Marble. A cushion and sleepingbag in one!
Snuggly Winter Fox. Cushion and Sleepingbag in one!
Snuggly Grey Deer. A cushion and sleepingbag in one!
Snuggly Shell Star. Nice and Comfy
Snuggly Black Fox. Cushion and Sleepingbag in one!

Glossy Doggy Cuddle Cave


This Cuddle Cave is a true winner! Simply lay down inside of the cave or lay out on to the “balcony”. The Cave is washing machine proof and has a retractable cushion.

A brief introduction.

The History.

Actually, Glossy Doggy had existed for quite a while already. Back in 2008 we single-handedly started our first website, a webshop for the more modern dog with a wide variety of products. From toys to flexis or handmade couture. Collars, dog harnasses, dog leashes and outcrosses. Unique designs and handmade products are the core essentials.

About us.

Glossy Doggy, a brand for years already! We use the best materials out there for the most beautiful looking beddings for your furry friends. Imported from all over the world, these materials last for years. Everything is machine washable. If it doesn’t fit your washing machine, we’ll make it so it fits.

The MYO Bed

Have you seen a colour you really like but, despite the amazing colour, is not being made in a certain model? You can also choose your own beddings in the desired colours of choice. We carry over 40 different fabrics, which brings us to a total of 1600 combinations. Good luck!

Our Products.

All the products of Glossy Doggy are handmade. If you order something it may take up to 3 weeks to arrive on your doorstep.

The fabrics are imported from the United States and the source is one of the biggest fabric companies in the world. We try to keep up with our stock as much as possible, but keep in mind; fabrics may be depleted at times.

We fill the beddings with the softest, most amazing fillings. Made out of 100% polyester: soft but still full and holds its shape very well.


All the products of Glossy Doggy are meant to be handled and washed with care. We tend to wash anything at a maximum of 30 degrees celcius. The fabrics and fillings are not suited for use in a tumble dryer as the material in the end is still polyester. This will result in deformed and shrunken fabrics. Also, the usage of fabric softener is NOT recommended.

Our supplier of the fabrics is Shannon Fabrics . They are based in America and have grown into a giant company that supplies fabrics all over the world. Famous brands such as Bessie & Barnie, Susan Lanci and For Pets Only use their fabrics. But of course these substances are not just for the animals. Cuddly toys, blankets, clothing, everything is made of the fabrics from Shannon Fabrics.

They are high-quality fabrics. They are sturdy, full, soft and 100% polyester. No matter how many washes; this fabrics will remain soft.

Glossy Doggy’s newest products!